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Back in the Blog

October 5th 2007, 05:10

I’ve been a bit of a Nokia fanboy for a few years now. My friends know it - every year come upgrade time, I spend weeks looking at all the handsets, expanding my awareness beyond whatever has been my recent focus.

Generally I’m a Symbian/Series 60 geek. I used to have a Psion Series 3a and a Series 5. Beyond that I stepped out of mobile computing for a time, while it shifted its feet under the weight of mobile communications, as Nokia (and others) started to find its way alongside Symbian.

Anyway, here’s my track record of devices since EPOC because Symbian (and a few words on each)…

Nokia 9210 - ahead of its time, a ‘brick’ of a phone, but well worth it for the technology inside. Shame about the low memory and bugs, but it was some years ago now. [Where is it now? In a cupboard, not working - possibly battery dead and won’t charge]

Nokia 3650 - when it came out, it’s circular keypad was praised by enthusiasts for being novel, and now I see the same individuals asking what on earth Nokia were thinking in their 2007 blog pages. It took some getting used to, but as my first Series 60 device, I was pleased at the time. It took a pretty decent photo of Canterbury Cathedral at night too (though that was the only good picture I got out of it). [Where is it now? In its box under my desk, having just been returned by a friend that needed a handset to borrow for a few weeks]

Nokia 6670 - an update to Symbian to kill off some bugs, and a normal keypad. It brought me back into reality a bit, and away from the novelty factors. It gave me a ‘normal’ handset, that had the features of Symbian under the hood. [Where is it now? On loan to a friend that’s not local any more]

Nokia N70 - the NSeries is heralded by Nokia as its multimedia devices, and the way they advertise them (or did back then) they seemed to be suggesting they were good at multimedia at the cost of other functionality. Well, it was a step up from my 6670 in every respect, and I got a good deal, so no arguments here. I always felt like it was a device that surpassed those that were before it, but with photo and video features that outdid most other handsets at the time.  [Where is it now? In my drawer, doesn’t seem to work, maybe a dead battery]

Now, let’s move on a little to what I have now. For the first time ever, I find myself carrying two devices around with me - a phone since earlier this year, and a ‘PDA’ as of a few weeks ago. I lie, I did try carrying a Windows Mobile device around with me once in the past, but the novelty wore off quickly.

Nokia N95 - It does everything, and it does everything pretty well (certainly better than my N70). It’s got a decent camera, wireless, decent software, and so on. I’m sure if you’re reading this you’ve read the reviews. Ok, it has its niggles and bugs, but compared to what came before it (and most of what else has been around since) it really is ahead of the game. More than just a multimedia device, it really is an everything-device.

Nokia N800 - My new ‘toy’; calling it a ‘PDA’ isn’t really accurate as it wasn’t designed as such. It’s an ‘Internet Tablet’ officially, and is a pretty funky little device. The fact it runs a variation of Debian Linux means it’s a hacker geeks dream - you could in theory do just about anything with one of these. More on what I do with this (and my N95) in later posts…

So, that’s an introduction to what I’ve owned in the world of Nokia devices for now. Let’s see where this attempt at a blog takes me in the future…

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