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Just Round the Corner

October 21st 2007, 02:10

A little late on the uptake, I know, but I’ve heard a lot of mixed reports about the upcoming Nokia N810 Internet Tablet. The numbering suggests it’s “just a little more than a N800″, but under the hood it seems to be quite a bit more. The new device has a slide-out hardware keyboard, built in GPS, and is noticably smaller than the N800 (though the actual screen is identical).

I don’t think I’ll be buying one of the new devices. I’ve got GPS in my N95 (which I’m told would be vastly improved if I just took the dive and updated to the latest firmware), and I could get a keyboard that much cheaper by finally buying a Bluetooth gadget (which would work on my N95 as well).

What is good news though is that at about the time the N810 goes on sale next month, and with it the updated operating system (Internet Tablet OS 2008, Maemo 4.0, whatever you want to call it) becomes available for us N800 owners as well. Apparently it’s been developed with N800 devices in mind completely, and so should just work. Ignoring GPS functionality for the moment, this boasts a sleeker interface and apparently will actually speed up the N800.

I was quite interested to find that Nokia had intentionally underclocked the CPU of the N800 to 330MHz because of battery life issues, and they have now resolved this issue with some clever dynamic clocking magic. And so, with OS2008, they are going to remove this limitation and let the processor run at its full 400MHz (bringing it inline with the N810, which contains within it an identical CPU to the N800).

Roll on November…

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