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News habits

October 13th 2007, 11:10

Oh, I’m doing well at this new blogging habit.

I’ve never really been one to read the news. Sure, I look at the BBC News site now and then when I remember, but it never really became part of my daily routine, despite my best efforts.

The n800’s RSS feed reader is a long way off being a polished product, but it has made a big difference to my keeping up with news. I get the feelingĀ I miss a lot thanks to it only showing me a few things that it thinks I haven’t read, or persisting in showing me things I have, but it does prompt me to look at a bunch of headlines for things I’m interested in on a regular basis thanks to having them listed on the Home screen. Often it’ll inspire/remind me to look at the main web sites for said news, meaning such an activity is slowly slipping into my daily routine a little more.

What I need now is for someone to create an application for the Internet Tablet OS that has all the features of the RSS reader it comes with, plus a few other bits:

  • A way to control the font and/or the number of entries that are displayed on the Home applet. It’s clear it understands scrolling from the preview it gives when you select a headline. The ability to scroll all available headlines would be nice.
  • A less clunky UI for actually reading the RSS feeds themselves, rather than something that looks like they’ve just created a scrolling window of text and thrown the content into that.

Google reader and so on are all well and good, but the Home applet makes the poor quality application ideal for my lack of discipline to look at things daily.

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