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October 6th 2007, 08:10

When I get my hands on a new mobile device - and by ‘device’ in this context I refer to a gadget with an operating system that I have some room to customise - one problem I invariably have is that I have to perform some kind of hard reset on it before too long. This is largely because I have a habit of going hunting for things to load onto my new device to see what its capable of, and to give myself as many options as possible for things that I might find a use for in making my day to day life easier.

Of course, I’m not made of money, so a lot of these things end up being demos and whatnot (not a huge issue with the N800 and its plethora of free software available). Either way, I end up with enough on the device that its easier to take note of what I actually use, wipe it back to the state it was in when¬†I got it, and just put on what I want.

So, beyond the core functionality, here’s what’s on my current ‘devices’. The main list for each device will nicely show what I actually use and a quick thought or two, and I’ll try and put some idea of what else is actually on there too afterwards.

Nokia N95

  • Messenger - MSN on my phone. Other people seemed to get this with their phone, but I had to install it separately
  • Y-Browser - Useful file browser while waiting for FExplorer to get itself together for S60 3rd Edition.
  • QuickOffice - Upgraded to v4 with editing capability. Not really used it much, but its useful as one failing of the N800 seems to be there’s nothing that will work with Word documents.
  • Putty - By far my most used extra tool, for getting into my server over SSH, and logging into IRC as a result.
  • OperaMini - Proxied, lower bandwidth¬†web browsing is always nice.
  • TSMobiles - Terminal Services client for logging into my Windows box at home while roaming.
  • Panoman - Shame about the limited resolution, but panoramic photos are nice.
  • DivX Player - The newer Nokia phones actually have screens with enough resolution to display detail in video.
  • Deep - An 3D expansive underwater game with clear influence from classics like Elite.
  • Tower Bloxx, Tornado Madness, Pyramid Bloxx - One button addictive gaming from Digital Chocolate.
  • Frozen Bubble, Bejeweled, Tomb Raider, Meteos, Insaniquarium, Lemmings Return, Chess Genius, Sim City, The Journey, Resident Evil, Download! Beta, NSysInfo, SExplorer, Y-Tasks, Web Server, Papyrus, Font Magnifier, MobiReader

And all of that is after I cleared it out once not too long ago…

Nokia N800

  • XTerminal - Always nice to be able to get at a command line on a Linux device. Gainroot gives me the power I like.
  • Claws-mail - The N800’s native email client sucks, and this gives me better automatic filtering than Outlook does on my desktop.
  • Gnumeric - Not really needed a spreadsheet yet, but this seems pretty fully featured if I do.
  • Xournal - I was tempted by Maemopad+ for a while, but this has won for the moment for quick note taking.
  • rdesktop - Though the N800’s virtual keyboards are useless when connecting to a Windows box with this, you can always pull up Windows own on-screen keyboard and use that well enough.
  • Gaim - Access to MSN is always nice.
  • MicroB - The Mozilla rendering engine in the web browser. Nice for a few sites that don’t quite work with the native rendering.
  • Skype - Not used it yet (the N800’s camera is a bit on the poor side), but I keep meaning to try it out.
  • MPlayer - Movies on the N800’s amazing screen - you can’t go wrong.
  • QuickSynergy - Ok, so I need to fiddle to get a mouse pointer to work, but the ability to use my desktop PC’s keyboard to type on my N800 is nice.
  • Maemo WordPy - one of the reasons I chose WordPress for my new blog
  • VNC Viewer, Maemo Mapper, Abiword, gconf, Puchi, Camera, GPE Calendar, GPE File Manager, Zip/unzip, DiskUsage, Keyboard, UKMP, UKTube, FBReader, Kagu Media layer, Mirage, Video Center, Maemo Recorder, XMaeme, lybniz, Maemo Periodic, Pidgin, Pipepanic, Nako, Lbreakout, Nethack, XGalaga, AisleRiot Solitaire, Four Rivers, Sgt-Puzzles (a couple of dozen little puzzle games in their own right)

The easy to access, easy to find, easy to use repositories of free software for the N800 are just way too tempting sometimes… I think I may need to reflash my N800 sometime and start again…

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