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November 14th 2007, 03:11

The Nokia N810 is just around the corner, and its current firmware is already available online. It won’t be until after its official release that OS2008 is available for the Nokia N800. That said, a few adventurous geeks have come up with a way to hack the N810 firmware onto a N800 now (see here for info). Now, the question is, do I want to try this on my device, at the (small) risk of bricking the device. On the other hand, I did buy it so I could have a gadget to play with, as well as for its functional uses…

In other news, I’m working on creating release-ready versions of a few of my little coding projects from over the years. Hopefully I’ll get a template for some of this up on Phlipside soon. I miss the days where I used to be selling software :(

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