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Left and Right

October 30th 2007, 08:10

One thing that I really wanted from the outset with my N95 is the ability to rotate the display to landscape without having to close the keypad (in applications other than the web browser). One little app for other handsets exists called RotateMe, allowing you to rotate the display based on the pressing of a hotkey.

Well, good news from yesterday that the guy that created RotateMe is doing a N95 version. Even better is that it makes use of the little sensor in the phone that the camera uses to make sure pictures are the right way up - in other words it’ll rotate the display based on what way the phone is being held without pressing any buttons. Very nice.

The N95 Blog has a video of it in action. Go take a look for geeky cleverness. Shame we have to wait a month to actually get it on our phones.

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