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December 5th 2007, 01:12

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Russ mentioned this report overĀ at Market Share. I don’t really have anything to add beyond Russ’ comments, but it really does make me wonder where they get their stats from. I think the idea of the report is that its showing a percentage breakdown of operating systems that are accessing the Internet. Of course, Windows XP comes out on top - whatever the Linux users like to think, there’s no toppling Windows from its throne any time soon.

While I’m not a fan of the iPhone, I’m not surprised to see its doing reasonably well, almost claiming a decent fraction of a percentage in the stats. What gets me is that they put Series60 down at 0.01%. Maybe they are considering the fact that many (most?) users of Series60 don’t even know what they’ve got in their pocket. They have a funky phone that can play music and has a nice camera, and maybe that’s all they see of it beyond text messages. But even so, Symbian and Series60 have been doing this for quite a few years now, and have a far greater portion of the mobile market than any competitor. It’s laughable to think the iPhone is a worry to Nokia and Symbian. I have no idea how many Series60 devices are out there (though a bit of Googling could probably guestimate for me), but Russ says its far more than there are MacOS devices. I seem to recall someone mentioning in terms of volume, it even gives Windows a run for it’s money (well, not its money, given Windows makes Microsoft a lot per unit sold, whereas a Symbian license costs peanuts by comparison).

Still, it makes the mind boggle where some of these numbers come from, and it shows just how little awareness some of these market surveying companies have of the markets they are surveying.