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Coming Soon

November 14th 2007, 03:11

The Nokia N810 is just around the corner, and its current firmware is already available online. It won’t be until after its official release that OS2008 is available for the Nokia N800. That said, a few adventurous geeks have come up with a way to hack the N810 firmware onto a N800 now (see here for info). Now, the question is, do I want to try this on my device, at the (small) risk of bricking the device. On the other hand, I did buy it so I could have a gadget to play with, as well as for its functional uses…

In other news, I’m working on creating release-ready versions of a few of my little coding projects from over the years. Hopefully I’ll get a template for some of this up on Phlipside soon. I miss the days where I used to be selling software :(


November 1st 2007, 01:11

Like many, I play the occasional game of Scrabulous online. Now, I’m not one for encouraging cheating (I don’t in the games I play), but there do seem to be a number of sites emerging that allow you to give it a list of your letters and it’ll return the possible words.

One thing I’ve noticing have a look at other sites, is that most of them take up to 7 letters, and just return results starting with the longest word.

So, I set out to do better. While I don’t dare to consider mine as good as Scrabble Solver (which is by far the best at what it does, even if it’s a little sluggish/buggy at times), it does have a couple of little features that others lack.

So, I present my Scrabulator. It’s main differences with many others is that it orders its resulting words by their scores, it can easily handle both blanks in words it finds (and adjusts scores accordingly) and you can give it some letters separate from your rack that you know are available on the scrabble board.

The last of those features is particularly of interest, as it is designed to only return words where only one of these additional letters are in the resulting words, and are near to the end of the words (just how far from the end can also be set with Scrabulator).

Mowsing the (Mobile) Web - Mowmarking as you go

October 23rd 2007, 09:10

With a N800 and N95 in my pocket, if I’ve got access to a wireless connection then it’s great - I can view most web sites easily enough on the N800 screen and browse almst as if I were at home in from of my desktop. If I’m forced to use my mobile phone’s GPRS connection, then loading times, screen size and how many bytes I’m downloading become an issue (yes, I still have a contract that doesn’t really consider data as an economical use of my phone).

I’ve been exploring the various sites out there aimed at being viewed on mobile devices (they seem to be everywhere now,, - though don’t expect them to ‘just work’ on a PC). However, the vast majority of sites don’t offer a mobile version, and so its time to turn off images and hope the site fits into the screen and RAM my N95 has.

This is when I happened upon Russell Beattie’s Mowser comes in useful. It will happily take apart web sites and redisplay them in a usable manner that will work nicely on a mobile device. It shrinks images, rearranges content and so on, without actually breaking the site (usually). It’ll even act as a reasonably simple RSS feed reader.

Sadly, it lacks a feature for storing bookmarks. Russ tells me he’s got some ideas for ways to store links, but that could be a while off. In the meantime though, I’ve cobbled together my own little site specifically for storing (and vaguely organising) Mowser links. Behold Mowmarks. At the moment it’s probably a bit rough round the edges - it has a very basic user account system, and passwords are never stored unencrypted so by all means have a play. It should look ok on most mobile browsers as well. All the links are aimed towards Mowser, but I’m open to requests and suggestions for improvements.